semi-permanent make up procedures

Ombre Powder Brows


Ombre powder brow is a semi-permanent make up procedure for clients who prefer a fuller result, where we create a soft misty powder-filled brow similar to the make up look. The tails of the brow are darker and fade to a light beginning of the brow giving a perfect ombre make up effect. The effects will be waterproof, smudge proof and look completely natural

Ombre Powder Brow and Microblading

This technique differs from microblading in that it is established using a state of the art digital machine, not a hand piece. This technique can be combined with microblading if you desire that hair stroke look at the front of the brow.

Both ombre and microblading are beautiful and can be adjusted to look super soft or more intense, it just comes down to which style you prefer, your skin type, lifestyle and various other factors which will all be discussed with you during the consultation.



“Semi permanent make-up up on my eyebrows excellently performed. Lovely staff and good vibes. High standard for hygiene and courtesy. I’m looking forward to another amazing treatment. I just love this place.”

Francesca Shireen