Hopi Ear Candle Treatment in Plymouth


Step into Brow Envy and discover a serene escape right here in Plymouth city centre with our esteemed Hopi ear candle treatment. Offering a moment of calm and a gentle touch to your wellness journey, our salon is committed to providing straightforward and revitalising experiences for all.

What Sets Our Hopi Ear Candling Apart?

Gentle Ear Care: Aimed at promoting a sense of clarity and cleanliness in the ear through a tranquil procedure.

A Moment to Relax: The subtle flicker and soft crackle of the Hopi ear candles provide a peaceful and inviting break from the everyday hustle.

Simple Rejuvenation: Engage in a pause that’s not only restful but also helps to refresh your senses in a uniquely gentle manner.

What should I expect during my first Hopi ear candling session?

Upon arrival at the salon or treatment room, you’ll have a brief consultation with the practitioner. This is an opportunity for them to understand any specific concerns or needs you may have, and for you to ask any questions.

Once you’re comfortable and ready to begin, you’ll be asked to lie down on your side. Our salon is designed to be serene and relaxing, with soft lighting and calming music in the background.

Your therapist will place a protective cover around your ear, ensuring any residue from the candle is collected and your hair and skin are protected. The tapered end of the Hopi ear candle is then gently inserted into the outer ear canal. The opposite end of the candle is lit, and as it burns, you might experience a pleasant warmth and hear a soft crackling sound.

While the candle burns, the warmth can create a gentle suction effect. This sensation is usually soothing and not at all uncomfortable. The candle typically burns for about 10 to 15 minutes for each ear.

Whether you live in Plymouth or you’re just visiting, at Brow Envy we’re here to guide you through a gentle and invigorating Hopi ear candle treatment. Our philosophy is straightforward – deliver wellness treatments that are genuine, effective, and imbued with care. Allow us to be your first choice for a simple, yet profoundly enjoyable ear candling experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hopi ear candle?

A Hopi ear candle is a specialised, tapered cylinder, often made from natural ingredients like beeswax, honey extracts, sage, chamomile, and sometimes flavoured with herbs or essential oils. Originating from the Native American Hopi tribe, this therapeutic method has been embraced worldwide for its potential soothing effects.

During a Hopi ear candle session, one end of the candle is gently placed into the outer ear while the other end is lit. The resulting gentle suction action, combined with the warmth produced, can offer a calming and harmonising experience. It’s not just about the candle itself, but the overall ambience created, allowing you to unwind and find a peaceful moment in your day. Remember, while the name suggests otherwise, it isn’t actually a traditional candle, but a hollow tube designed specifically for this unique treatment.

How long does a Hopi Ear Candle treatment take?

An ear candle treatment typically takes between 30 to 45 minutes. This duration allows for the candle to burn down at a comfortable and safe pace, while also providing you with ample time to relax and fully immerse yourself in the soothing experience. When you visit our salon, our primary goal is to create a serene environment for you. As the candle gently burns, you’ll find yourself enveloped in its calming warmth and the soft crackling sound, making it a truly rejuvenating session. Beyond the candle burning, a treatment may also include a gentle ear and facial massage, further enhancing your relaxation and promoting a sense of balance and wellbeing. We always aim to tailor the session to your needs, ensuring you leave feeling refreshed and restored.

What are the benefits of Hopi ear candling?

Hopi ear candling is a traditional therapy celebrated for its potential to promote deep relaxation and stress reduction. Many individuals turn to this treatment seeking relief from discomforts like tinnitus or compacted earwax. Additionally, it’s often valued for its ability to uplift one’s mood, balance the body’s energy, provide sinus relief, and enhance facial circulation. However, it’s crucial to note that experiences can vary, and it’s best to approach the treatment with an open mind, ensuring it aligns with your wellness aspirations.

How often should you have a Hopi ear candle treatment?

How often one should have a Hopi ear candle treatment can vary based on individual preferences and needs. Generally, for those seeking regular relaxation and well-being enhancement, a session every 4 to 6 weeks is typical. However, if you’re addressing specific discomforts or conditions, more frequent sessions initially – such as once a week for a few weeks – might be beneficial before spacing them out further. As always, it’s a good idea to consult with one of our qualified practitioners who can guide you on the best frequency tailored to your individual situation and to listen to your body’s responses after each treatment.




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