Medical Nipple & Areola Tattoo


Areola Medical Tattoo is a specialised treatment offered at our beauty salon to help breast cancer survivors and those who have undergone a mastectomy feel whole again. Our micro pigmentation artist, Mel, uses advanced techniques to implant specialist pigment into the dermis, creating a natural and semi-permanent simulation of the areola and nipple.

We offer both single and bilateral areola tattoos, with the process typically completed over two visits. The second visit is for a colour boost and any necessary adjustments, which typically takes place 6-8 weeks after the first visit. The pigment will fade over time, and clients can expect to need a colour boost every 2 years, depending on factors such as age, skin type, medication, and lifestyle.

Areola Medical Tattoo is also an option for clients who have naturally light areolas and wish to darken them. Our team understands the sensitive nature of this treatment and handles all appointments with the utmost confidentiality. We also offer free consultations to discuss the procedure in depth before making a decision.

Nipple Tattoo Before and After

Areola nipple tattoing
Areola nipple tattooing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a medical areola tattoo?

A nipple tattoo, also known as a medical areola tattoo, can be beneficial for individuals who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery or have experienced a loss of pigmentation in their nipples. The tattoo can help restore the appearance of the areola and improve self-confidence and body image. It can also be a good option for people who have asymmetrical nipples, uneven or discoloured nipples, or those who have experienced surgery and have unfortunate scarring.

Is a nipple tattoo painful?

The level of pain associated with a nipple tattoo can vary from person to person, as everyone’s pain threshold is different. Some people may experience minimal discomfort, while others may find it more painful, with the sensation being similar to getting a tattoo on other parts of the body. Our tattoo artist, Mel, will use a numbing cream or gel to minimize discomfort during the procedure.

What happens after your areola tattoo?

In the next 14 to 21 days after your procedure, your tattooed area will go through a healing process that includes three stages – healing, peeling and fading.

Your body will naturally create a protective layer of scabs to aid in the healing process. Then, once the area has healed, the scabs will fall off on their own. It’s important to avoid picking at the scabs as it may cause pigment loss. After the scabs have fallen off, the tattooed area may appear lighter than the final colour, but after 4-6 weeks, the pigment will have settled and the final colour of your nipple and areola will be visible.

Can I shower or bath after the procedure?

It’s fine to take a shower or have a bath after your medical areola tattoo, but it is important to avoid submerging the tattooed area in water for the first 14 days after the procedure. Also, it is important to avoid using soap directly on the tattooed area as it can cause irritation and dryness.

How long does the procedure take?

The duration of a nipple / medical areola tattoo appointment can vary depending on the individual case and the complexity of the tattoo. Generally, an areola tattoo appointment can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours.



“After having treatment I was delighted with the results. I was initially nervous but Mel was very professional and talked me through the whole process explaining each step. I would not worry about having further treatment with Mel. Thank you so much.”



“5 stars! Mel is so experienced and a perfectionist in her work. After knowing her before and after my breast cancer diagnosis I cannot thank her enough. She has given me part of my femininity back and I will be forever in her debt.“