Indian Head Massage


Indian Head Massage is a holistic, hands-on treatment that concentrates on applying varying degrees of pressure to specific points on your head, neck, and shoulders. The purpose is to help you unwind, ease tension, and stimulate your body’s inherent healing powers.

Consider it akin to the well-known practices of acupressure or acupuncture but concentrated on the upper body, and importantly, without the needles. Indian Head Massage therapists understand that specific points on your head, neck, and shoulders are intrinsically linked to your body’s major organs and systems. By skilfully massaging these points, we strive to activate the body’s natural energy pathways.

If your body’s energy flow becomes obstructed, it can result in physical discomfort and mental stress. Indian Head Massage aims to remove these hindrances, enabling your body’s energy to circulate effortlessly again, and assisting in the restoration of equilibrium and wellbeing. At Brow Envy, we look forward to helping you discover the rejuvenating benefits of this traditional Indian therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits of getting an Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage offers several key benefits. It helps alleviate stress and induces relaxation by focusing on critical pressure points. It boosts blood circulation, potentially enhancing hair health. It’s known for improving sleep quality and balancing the body’s energy flow, leading to an overall sense of wellbeing. Plus, it can offer relief from headaches and migraines due to decreased muscle tension in the upper body.

What should I expect during my first Indian Head Massage appointment?

At your first Indian Head Massage appointment at Brow Envy, expect a brief consultation about your needs, followed by a comfortable, seated massage focusing on your head, neck, and shoulders. Various techniques are used to stimulate key pressure points. The session is relaxing and rejuvenating, ending with aftercare advice to extend the benefits of your treatment.

How long does a typical Indian Head Massage session last?

A typical Indian Head Massage session at Brow Envy lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes, providing ample time for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Do you use any special oils during the Indian Head Massage?

Yes, at Brow Envy, we often use a blend of specific oils during an Indian Head Massage to enhance the soothing experience. However, we also cater to clients’ preferences and can perform the massage without oils if desired.

Is it safe to get an Indian Head Massage during pregnancy?

Indian Head Massage is typically considered safe during pregnancy as the treatment is focused on the head, neck, and shoulders, rather than the lower body or the feet, which are often areas of concern during pregnancy. The therapy can help to alleviate some of the stress and tension that may build up during this special time.

However, every pregnancy is unique, and it’s important to consider any specific health concerns or conditions you might have. Why not give us a call to discuss your treatment on 01752 22 87 77.



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