What does “Medical-Grade” really mean? It’s a term that can vary depending on who you ask. Despite having over 7.4 million views on TikTok under the hashtag #MedicalGradeSkincare, it’s not officially regulated. So, what does it mean to us at Brow Envy when we talk about AlumierMD? AlumierMD is often referred to as a Medical-Grade skincare brand, and for good reasons that we’ll dive into in this blog. In short, their effective hybrid skincare products contain multiple active ingredients, all meticulously formulated to provide the transformative results you’d expect from a visit to a medical professional.

The Hardworking Hybrid Product

The difference between High Street skincare products and AlumierMD medical-grade skincare lies in the ingredients, formulation, and range. Every bottle of AlumierMD we use at Brow Envy is packed with a sophisticated formula of active ingredients that work synergistically for superior results. For instance, their Vitamin C serum, EverActive C&E™ + Peptide, boasts a high concentration of Vitamin C at 15%. The innovative technology keeps the Vitamin C crystals separate in the lid until they’re ready to be mixed. This ensures the Vitamin C remains fresh, protecting it from degradation by air and sunlight, so your skin receives the full benefits. Additionally, powerful peptides in the formula help to strengthen and brighten your skin.

Every product in the AlumierMD collection is designed to work in harmony with the others, each one supporting and enhancing the effects of the rest. While AlumierMD may be more expensive than some high street brands, this investment delivers multiple benefits from the active ingredients that work together in a comprehensive AlumierMD routine.

The Professional Difference

At Brow Envy, we understand that connecting with a skin professional to create a personalized skincare routine yields far better results than simply choosing products from the high street. Our skin professionals are highly accomplished experts in their field, ready to help you maximize the benefits of your daily skin routine. They will guide you to understand:

What products you should use for your exact skin: Our experts will assess your unique needs, listen to your goals, and help you build a routine that’s perfect for you.

How to use products: Did you know that using products incorrectly can diminish their effectiveness? Some active ingredients can even cancel each other out! Your professional will ensure your routine is efficient and tailored to your schedule. Is this for nighttime? Morning only? Before or after serum? Your expert will clarify it all.

How often to use the products: How often should YOU use retinol? Should YOU exfoliate every day? It all depends on your skin type and condition. Your professional will provide personalized recommendations and can even write down your tailored routine for you.

How to combine and layer your products: Sometimes, different areas of your skin require different treatments. Ever had dry cheeks and an oily nose? Your professional will show you how to make your products work for your skin, which might mean applying them only to specific areas.

AlumierMD skincare products can only be purchased after a consultation with one of our skin experts at Brow Envy, due to their prescription-strength formulations. This ensures you get the most out of these powerful, active, hardworking hybrid products. That’s why we proudly use AlumierMD, a trusted Medical-Grade skincare brand, at Brow Envy.