Having previously worked in the NHS for 10 years as a Maxilla facial nurse I moved on to become a complimentary therapist for Macmillan under the Mustard Tree, treating patients who were undergoing treatment for cancers with radio and chemotherapy especially breast cancer.

This was a very poignant part in my life when I realised, I wanted to make a difference to men and women who had lost their nipples and areola due to surgery from this dreadful illness, I wanted to make a difference to their self-esteem and confidence.

In 2017 I trained as a 3D medical areola tattoo expert with this incredible life changing skill and have continually advanced my skills since.

So, what exactly is this treatment and what does it involve?

3D medical areola tattooing is a specialised treatment available to breast cancer survivors and for those who have undergone a mastectomy and had breast surgery.

Using advanced techniques to implant specialist pigment into the dermis creating a natural and semi-permanent simulation of the areola and nipple using detailed shading and colouring techniques.

This treatment is generally pain free as the area treated has undergone surgery and often feeling has been lost.

I offer both single and bi lateral 3D medical areola tattoos as well as areola tattooing for clients who have naturally light areolas and wish to darken the area with pigment.

This is a 2-part process approximately 6-8 weeks apart between appointments, this allows for any colour boosting and minor adjustments to be made.

We do recommend waiting for approximately 6 months after surgery before any treatment can commence to allow for healing.

We understand the sensitive nature of this treatment and handle all appointments with the utmost confidentiality. We offer free discreet consultations in salon to discuss the procedure in depth before making a decision and discussing your treatment options.

We call it the final stages after your treatment at the NHS and this is the cherry on the top.

To book an appointment to come in and see me for a free consultation please give the salon a call on 01752 228777 we look forward to welcoming you.