Your journey to flawless skin is a significant investment of your time, energy, and resources. With each in-clinic treatment at Brow Envy Plymouth, you’re making a big leap towards achieving your skin goals. Understandably, you want these transformative results to endure. To help you maintain the exceptional outcomes of your treatments, we’re shining a light on crucial post-treatment care. It’s the small missteps, often overlooked, that can undermine the professional work done on your skin and veer you off your desired path.

What NOT to Do: Essential Aftercare Tips

Don’t Skip Sunscreen:

Your skin becomes particularly sensitive to daylight after in-clinic treatments, such as chemical peels or IPL. This heightened sensitivity isn’t just a summer concern; even during cooler months, your skin needs protection. Skipping sunscreen exposes your skin to potential moisture barrier damage and accelerates aging processes beneath the surface. Early signs like discolouration and lines might not be immediate, but without sunscreen, they’re looming threats. We recommend Alumier’s specially formulated sunscreens, gentle for post-treatment use yet powerful with broad spectrum SPF 40 and a rich blend of antioxidants, providing essential protection to help maintain your treatment results.

Avoiding Antioxidants is a Mistake:

Antioxidants—think vitamin C, resveratrol, and grape seed extract—are your skin’s best allies against the onslaught of free radicals. Daily encounters with pollution, UV rays, and harsh weather can wreak havoc on the deeper layers of your skin, especially when it’s in the delicate phase of healing post-treatment. This kind of damage accelerates the skin’s aging process, akin to how a peeled apple browns when exposed to air. Just as antioxidants can protect the apple, they can shield your skin. Integrating a daily antioxidant serum like Alumier’s EverActive into your routine helps fend off environmental damage and keep the signs of aging at bay.

Resist Picking Your Skin:

This might be the toughest advice to follow. After treatments like chemical peels, it’s tempting to pick at dry or peeling skin. However, removing these flakes can actually harm more than just the surface; you might inadvertently remove healthy skin too. Think of it like pulling a thread from a jumper – once you start, everything can unravel. Your skin’s healing involves a careful process of repair and regeneration, and picking at it disrupts this process. This can lead to scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. So, hands off for smoother, healthier skin recovery.

Don’t Skip Cleansing:

Skipping your cleansing routine is a shortcut to diminishing the benefits of your in-clinic treatments and antioxidant skincare. Free radicals, if not washed away, start to damage your skin, accelerating aging despite the protective layer of antioxidants. Moreover, your skin naturally produces oil throughout the day. Without regular cleansing, this excess oil can feed harmful bacteria, leading to breakouts. Maintain both your morning and evening cleansing rituals to ensure all the effort and care you’ve invested in your skin continues to yield positive results.

Avoid Rushing to the Gym Post-Treatment:

Heading straight to the gym after a skincare treatment might seem like a continuation of your self-care routine, but it’s actually counterproductive. Most treatments intentionally cause a controlled level of skin injury, triggering a healing process that delivers the improvements you’re seeking. While your skin’s surface might appear only slightly reddened and seemingly ready for activity, the reality beneath is a flurry of repair and rejuvenation. Engaging in vigorous exercise, which leads to sweating, along with the temptation of a hot shower or sauna visit, can irritate and inflame your skin further. Instead, give your skin the downtime it needs to heal optimally. This pause is a critical component of respecting the treatment process and ensuring your skin can meet—and exceed—your expectations.

Hold Off on Active Ingredients:

Introducing active skincare ingredients too soon after your treatment can interrupt the healing process rather than enhancing it. These actives, while beneficial under normal circumstances, might aggravate your skin during its recovery phase. To support your skin appropriately, Alumier’s Post Procedure Kit, featuring SensiCalm, Recovery Balm, and Sheer Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 40, provides everything necessary for post-treatment care. For the initial 5-7 days following your treatment, it’s advisable to stick solely to these gentle, nurturing products, as recommended by your skincare professional.

As your skin undergoes its healing journey, you’ll notice continuous improvements. By adhering to our expert advice and maintaining a disciplined aftercare routine, you can enhance these results further, setting a higher benchmark for your skin’s condition with each subsequent treatment. For personalised guidance and to ensure your skincare achievements keep building, speak to us today!