The new year has arrived, along with our dull and lifeless complexions. We all overindulged and sipped on a few too many Prosecco’s over the festive season, but don’t beat yourself up too much because there’s actually a more likely cause for your dull-looking skin. The Great British weather.

Yes, the British weather isn’t just miserable, it’s very unkind to our facial skin. Winter weather can be tough on our complexions, leaving skin looking dry and bleak. The cold air tightens the skin’s pores and reduces blood circulation, which reduces our naturally occurring oils that act as a protective layer to lock in moisture close to the skin. Throw in our daily use of central heating (a high temperature combined with low humidity means there’s little moisture in the air) and our skin is left crying out for expert help.

How can an ELEMIS facial improve my skin?

This is where ELEMIS facials save the day – clinically proven anti-wrinkle, radiance and resurfacing facials with instant results. Treatments are skin-specific facials, created for your skincare concerns such as breakouts, stressed and sensitive skin.

The ELEMIS Introductory Tester Facial

We recommend new clients start their new skincare journey with the ELEMIS Tester Facial. This introductory facial is a quick and instant pick-me-up for dull, lifeless skin and costs only £30 lasting 40 minutes. During your first appointment, your ELEMIS therapist will be able to determine the perfect follow up facial treatment for your skin type.

Enjoy Glowing Skin Year-Round.

ELEMIS facials give your skin an instant boost, bringing back the glow to lifeless complexions right away! To see real long-lasting results, an effective programme of facials should become part of your monthly skincare routine. Your skin cycle lasts 21 days, meaning if you work with the natural rhythm of the body and enjoy a facial every 3-4 weeks you can enjoy year-round glowing skin.

If you would like to book an ELEMIS facial with us, contact us!